Openair Geomatics Understands the requirements and significance of Airborne powerline examination through Lidar innovation. 

The airborne Lidar innovation has been an extraordinary accomplishment when contrasted with the customary ground strategies for powerline review. It has been an incredible answer for the powerline Industry today.

It has its one of a kind focal points in corridor mapping and powerline mapping. It gathers the 3D spatial data precisely and reestablishes the spatial information of hallway line which is additionally handled through classification, vectorization, cartography and increasingly required administrations. 


Openair Geomatics Understands the requirements and significance of Airborne powerline examination through Lidar innovation. We comprehend the significance of nature of the gathered and prepared 3Dspatial data. We have worked effectively with both Helicopter Lidar Data and UAV’s gathered Lidar information. Taking a gander at the present situation for powerline mapping industry, we have effectively figured out how to comprehend the prerequisites and determinations from different pieces of the world for powerline industry. 

We have devoted Lidar Post handling withdrawment just for powerline mapping. Our colleagues holds wide involvement in different international powerline extends and are gifted in Latest refreshed programming projects/application/apparatuses required for powerline information handling. We often train our group to comprehend the center significance of powerline examination through Lidar innovation for better understanding about the powerline ventures.

Openair Geomatics gives a total and Highly exact answer for Lidar information post preparing administrations specifically for powerline Mapping. And have been successful to complete 47000+ linear km of data and 3000+ sq km of data. 

Our Services In Powerline Includes :

  1. Powerline Classification MV/HV
  2. Danger point analysis
  3. 2D  vectorization and extraction.
  4. Corridor Mapping.
  5. Extraction   of  Coordinates of the Tower, bundles, conductors.
  6. Tower/wire Mapping.
  7. Estimation of wires Length.
  8. Substation classification.
  9. Catenaries
  10. Vegetation study

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