Photogrammtery is the center profile for geospatial Industry as well as for Openair Geomatics

with the devoted group individuals and the updated framework and advances we have the capability to complete a photogrammetry extend from the scratch. 

We tend to take less projects in photogrammetry due to the complexities and to complete projects without any hassles. Digital photogrammetry is the craftsmanship of utilizing computers to get the estimations of objects in a photo. 

Photogrammetry- Openair Geo

It regularly includes analyzing one or more existing photos or recordings with photogrammetric computer program to determine spatial connections. Utilized to form land maps, it may moreover be valuable in a assortment of businesses. 

Our services in Photogrammetry includes:

  1. Aerial Triangulation
  2. Stereo Compilation
  4. Orthophoto processing

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