GIS & Mapping

Openair Geomatics covers wide aspect of GIS services and strategies.

We provide the depth core technical and cost effective solutions for your GIS projects to be success.

We have the tendency to work with web-based mapping services and our expert members has covered thousand hectares Km of data.

GIS Mapping

We provide the following services to our clients: 

  1. Design of integrated data model
  2. Raster and vector representations of remote sensing data into GIS
  3. Automatic or manual digital terrain modeling:
    – 3D visualization of regular and triangular grids
    – Calculation of slope and aspect maps
  4. Vector digitization and creation of topological information
  5. Spatial analysis and database query/manipulation
  6. Map publishing and plotting.
  7. Spatial database management
  8. Digital image processing:
    – Contrast enhancement
    – Spatial filtering
    – Radiometric and geometric corrections
    – Image statistics
    – Maximum-likelihood and region classifiers
  9. Land use/Land cover Mapping
  10. Flood Mapping/Monitoring
  11. Data Conversion
  12. Cemetry Mapping and more
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