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Light Detection and ranging.  A farther detecting strategy is utilized to look at the surface of the earth. It includes a filtering and extending laser framework that produces pinpoint precise, high-resolution topographic…

Powerlines Oageomatics


With the innovation of the airborne Lidar innovation, powerline assessment has been enormously advanced around the world. The airborne Lidar innovation has been an extraordinary…

Photogrammetry- Openair Geo
Photogrammetry Oageomatics


Photogrammtery is the center profile for geospatial Industry as well as for Openair Geomatics, with the devoted group individuals and the updated framework…

Photogrammetry- Openair Geo
GIS Mapping


Openair Geomatics covers wide aspect of GIS services and strategies. We provide the depth core technical and cost effective solutions for your GIS projects…

3D Modelling
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3D Modelling

Openair Geomatics  offers the foremost productive means to supply you with 3D modeling of your plans additionally offers different arrangements for revit plan and drafting services…

3D Modelling

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